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Christchurch is among the planet's most distinctive destinations, combining urban regeneration and invention with legacy, culture and thrilling action. Christchurch is the town of exploration, in which urban regeneration and legacy flourish. The town is continually evolving, constantly giving tourists and visitors something fresh to explore. Anticipate street art and innovative projects, a bustling hospitality landscape and recognized green spaces. Christchurch is the latest city on earth, and it is time that the world rediscovered its own secrets.


Dining in Christchurch

Explore Christchurch and Diamond Harbour dining from comfy cafés and pubs to romantic dining. Our culturally diverse area has something to meet all budgets and tastes.

Christchurch, one of the biggest cities in New Zealand is an essential destination for traveling foodies. Its a great market combining the new produce stalls with opportunities for consuming the food and drinks. Whether you are a vegan, Chinese, Indian, fine-dining European-fusion, or authentic wood-fired pizza, Christchurch has it all. With so many restaurants starting in all over the city, it’s a difficult task for the foodies to know where to start and what all to try. Dining in for a meal at Christchurch restaurants can be intimate, collective, lively, peaceful, or simply the best food experience like you’ve never had before. Depending on your tastes and eating habits you may be thinking Christchurch restaurants just can’t possibly satisfy your taste, but there’s one restaurant that is arguably the top-rated restaurant when it comes to the taste and also the pricing and that is Diamond Harbour which is just 30 minutes drive from the Christchurch city.


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